UK Online Casinos

Best Casinos for Fruit Machines and Slot Machines

Here, we list the best UK casinos online to play fruit machines, casino slots and one-armed bandits. These casinos have a world-class reputation with players and are regulated by the British government to ensure fair play.

Best Online Casinos for Fruit Machines

For Pub Slots and Fruit Machine take a look above - this is our list the best UK online casinos right now, covering a huge selection and variety of games.

If you like UK pub slot machines, then take a look at Microgaming casinos. If you would like to find the best UK casino at the moment (this can change from time to time, depending on which casino is adding the newest and best games, then take a look at our real money casinos page.

We have played at all of these casinos listed above and found them all to be excellent, with reliable 24/7 customer service. One of the things I like about these casino is that they all make it very easy to cash out winnings. Nothing frustrates me more than having to jump through hoops to get money out and so it's great to know which casinos pay out the best.

Another point that is important - all of these UK Fruit Machines casinos are government-regulated and so are safe places to play.

We get asked which casino is the best to play at, but this will depend on which games you like the most as well as what type of bonus offers you like (if you like to taje a bonus, that is). I would say that it is definitely worth taking a look at all of the casinos listed, to get an idea of all of the different games available.

Each casino has a different selection, ranging from penny slots, to pub fruities and bandits, right through to Vegas casino slots


Best UK Online Casinos

As far as games go, most UK casino players enjoy playing at Microgaming casinos and Playtech casinos the most. The funny thing is, that their games are not direct imports from Las Vegas, but a lot of them are based on the games you would play in UK high street casinos instead. They all have amazing games.

One big advantage of UK online casinos is that the payout is much better than the casinos, or high street bookmaker machines. You often get payout rates of over 96% and we have made sure that the UK casinos listed above have the best odds.

There is no point playing machines with low odds (like 70%), so we made sure that all of these casinos have 94%+ rates, with most games being over 97% payout. Better than the high street and much better than Vegas. The better the odds, the more chance you have of winning and the more fun you will have.

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