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One of the main questions we get asked is how to win at slots, which is discussed below

How to Win at Slots

We have lots of articles about slot machines, covering all sorts of topics. We start with the basics - how to play slots:

How to Play Slots

We have lots more articles too. See below for some examples. As with all our blog articles, each one has a free game embedded in it, just in case you want to discover them for yourself.

Then the next most popular questions we get are about winning, including how to win at slots. We also ask ourselves whether there strategies that work?

Slots Strategies - Do they Work?

One of the main reasons some people play slots is to have the thrill and possibility of winning a jackpot. Some jackpots are over a million dollars, so they could change your life.

On the other hand, the chances of hitting a jackpot is very slim, like winning the lottery, so it is important that fun is your main priority. We discuss jackpots below:


One way to get the best bang for your buck, whether you play online, or in a regular bricks and mortar casino, is to playa tournament.

They are very good value and have a social element, because you play against other players, rather than the house. Read our tournament article below:


Now for some information one the differences and similarities between the type of slots you get online and the types you find in land-based casinos, like in Las Vegas

Land-Based Slots

With the land based slots being so good, along with the latest technologies and free drinks in the casinos, you might ask yourself why you want to play online.

The article below addresses that issue:

Top Reasons to Play Online Slots

In the article below, we discuss the comparison and relative advantages in one simple page

Land-based vs Online Slots

If you want to play for longer on your casino slots budget (your bankroll), then we would definitely suggest researching casino payouts.

The best casinos online (like the ones we list on our site) have really high payouts, that are better than Vegas, so you should get a lot more play for your money

Blog Articles

Pay Outs

If you are not so interested in playing for pennies, then you might be interested in casinos with VIP schemes for high rollers. These are referred to as high limit slots rooms.

For fans of history, we have an articles about how slots came about and how they developed over the years:

Evolution of Slots

So there we have it - everything you ever wanted to know about slots machines, but were afraid to ask.

Back in the old days, all the games were only available in 'download only' format. This was never a great option, but was necessary due to slow internet speeds.

These days, most of the best games are released in instant play format. You can read about these new games in the article below:

Downloadable Online Slots

If you had only played slots a few years ago, you would be forgiven for not wanting to play instant play slots, but now these games are amazing and every bit as good (or better) than the downloadable versions.

Instant Play Slots

The article below discusses the new breed of instant play slots and why they are so good these days:

The high limit rooms in Vegas can be amazing, but also quite intimidating, but online, playing for high limits is more approachable, but still with benefits


Slot Machine Tips & Tricks

There are lots of tips and tricks to playing slots, although it worth mentioning that there is no clear cheat to make it so you can win - these games are all designed to win for the casino over the long-term

One way of improving your chances of hitting a jackpot is to use an online casino bonus. Bonuses give you more play for your money, usually by doubling your initial deposit. So for example, if you deposit $100, you get to play with $200.

Bonuses do come with terms and conditions, so the following article will help you understand the pros and the cons that relate to online casino bonuses.

Bonuses for Slot Machines

One question we got asked recently, is "what is a guaranteed slots". To be honest, I had no idea, but did some research and the following article helps explain exactly what they are:

Guaranteed Slots - What are they?

One thing many people ask is whether there are terms and conditions when you play slots. Sounds like a silly question? Think again, this is a a greta thing to ask:

Terms and Conditions for Slots

Ever thought that some slots pay out better than others, but then your friend has the complete opposite opinion? This article may help explain the difference in your thoughts:

Variance - Slot Machine Variance

With a lot more social play these days, you might also be interested in the latest community gaming in the Las Vegas casinos - these are often referred to as multiplayer slots

Multiplayer Slots

We get asked about the difference between instant play slots and the ones where you need to download the software first, before you get to play the games.

High Limit Slots

For anyone interested in the regulations involved with slots machines, then the article below might be of interest.

Slots Regulations

Here, we discuss how the best regulated online casinos (like the ones we list here) guarantee a fair game. The article discusses the importance of choosing a trusted online casino to gamble online.

So there we have it - plenty of tips, tricks and articles about slot machines along with a healthy does of free online slots to enjoy at the same time.

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